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May Possibly Start New Again??

Posted by DestinyGirl on April 19, 2014 at 7:05 PM Comments comments (2)

Hey, guyz! So this site has been around for a few years now, and since it isn't very lively I keep leaving it because there isn't that much to do here... But recently I've been talking with some of my besties from Wattpad and decided to come back here after making other failed websites that just didn't meet what I wanted. I've made a live chatroom space for TAP (The Angel's Parlor), so all of us members can freely talk to one another without restrictions when we all happen to be on.

I had to update my Adobe Flash Player in order to permit it for the site, so let me know if any of you experience any issues with it. I'm hoping that if I can get some of my friends here, then I'll be more driven to do more with this site... Because I've put in a LOT of time here to see it go to waste.



Posted by Jang on December 10, 2013 at 11:55 PM Comments comments (2)

this is a place to post random insanity!  nothing is canon, and anything can happen.  I'll post to this like every week or so, and others are free to join in on the madness as well!


Posted by DestinyGirl on September 21, 2013 at 2:00 AM Comments comments (2)



Okay, gotta stop talking in all caps. Sorry about that *sweat-drop* So the news I have is a major one (or for me it is).

Here lately I've been thinking more and more about college, and how I really need to get in if I'm gonna do something with my life before I'm, like, pushing 30 ('cause we all know how fast time flies these days). So I'm shooting for the Art Institute, because if I'm gonna go into something and do it for the rest of my life, then by golly I'm gonna do something I love! So, that's when art comes in... Because I don't have to go to school to be an awesome writer, I'm livin that part of my dream right now XD But art is something I would like to take to the next level, but after looking at the college courses I came at a cross-road...

I could either go into Animation work, or be a Game Designer. Both are some things I would love to do in life, but can only do one...

So I was stressing a bit on my choice there... Until... UNTIL!

I so happened to come across something that literally blew my mind.

Now, let me start from the beginning here....

As most of you know, I'm a hugely into Youtube LP Gamers. They inspire me so much, and make me laugh when my life is crumbling from my own problems at homes. They help me escape out of my issues and into whatever world they're playing in, and I love it. So much. Some may not understand, but then again, we're all different and all cope with problems in different ways - and this is my way.

So I've recently been watching such a Youtuber that goes by the name of Markiplier - and this guy inspires me SO MUCH. Seriously, he's an amazing guy! But the other day, I was watching one of his Let's Plays and he was talking about the game he was playing and how it was free and that it was made by a free gaming engine...

This picqued my curiosity instantly. So I dwelved and googled a bit and found a page that literally made my jaw drop as I read its contents. It's like it gave me the keys to my own secret getaway out of the cross-road I was standing in!


Seriously! I'm not even joking!

The page held all of the information I needed, even answered some of the questions that had been plaguing my mind! IT WAS A MIND-READER!!! O.O

... Wait, no it wasn't. But pretty close. So I realized that I can make a video game from my own laptop or tablet even - and it would all be free. Wouldn't cost me a penny outta my pocket! I can even sell my game if I want to (which, my first game I want it to be free since I'm a newbie xP)

You know those game apps you see on phones or tablets? Those are games that I could create if I wanted too xP All I need is to draw my own stuff - and check, I can do that. This is so awesome!! I'm so excited and happy! XD

I could very well make my dreams come true if I focus on this enough - which I'm gonna try to do!


Social Media

Posted by DestinyGirl on September 2, 2013 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (1)

So... I've decided...

I'm gonna create me a Tumblr account. It's a stroke of creativeness I must say, and it compels me!

Plus, I already have a Twitter, so why not? I usually try to stay away from social media... since I don't really like Facebook that much... I mean, whatever happened to MySpace? I actually preferred it much better, why did it have to fall and be forgotten by the world? T.T

I'll be sure to post the link to my Tumblr account soon.

Be sure to check out the forums! :D



Posted by DestinyGirl on August 24, 2013 at 5:05 PM Comments comments (1)

Hiya angelz!

... That's what I'm calling the members of this site now. It's cannon.

So I was suppose to go to the movies yesterday with a couple of friends. We were going to see The Mortal Instruments: The City of Bones. They had read the book, and I thought it was awesome from the trailer so waaaay before it was coming out (like MONTHS) we all scheduled to go the opening day and just have a blast.

...Well, that changed. At first, one of my friends didn't have any money to go so I told her that I'd pay her through and she could just pay me back. (Because I'm a nice person like that) They were fine with that, but then the day OF the movie I finally texted them sometime in the afternoon to see if we were still going.... and no. They said 'they didn't have any money' (which I know is fishy since we just got paid) and they didn't have a ride.

Soooo yeah. I called my mom up and we went shopping at Goody's, ate at a pizza place (Which was some of the best pizza EVER!), aaand went to Wally World aka Walmart. I spent waaaay too much of my momey though, but I blame the friends who ditched me!

There, that ends my rant. Now I'm spending my time right now watching Markiplier live stream for charity, then later watch the good ol' Late Night Crew for lots of laughs and good times. Yes.

Gabe, if your reading this, then I might can put up Moobot on the site so we can talk in chat. =)

Also, right now I'm currently trying to type up a chapta for Red Death and TFAS on Wattpad.