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Chains of Affection Epilogue: Night of Falling Hearts

Posted by Hinata-Snow on August 21, 2013 at 9:55 PM

With the fate of our heroes unknown, all that can be done is to wait...and pray.

Thanks to anyone who has read this! This goes out to everyone of you. But a special mention goes to the very first fan of the series: DestinyGirl!


The Realm of Darkness: A badly wounded Xehanort limped through the Darkness. He had barely escaped from the three warriors. But it wasn't a defeat, because Xehanort never lost. He simply retreated to plot another day. "Those three are tough," he panted. "My plans are going to need some readjusting."


"They would...if there were a next time."


Xehanort started as Emi Hana appeared out of the shadows. "Why would there not be a next time, little girl?" Xehanort growled.


Emi Hana strode gracefully around the old man. "You see, after all the help I gave you I expected for the World to be consumed by Darkness. But instead I see a sniveling wreck." she noted.


"The Keyblade's chosen warriors are a stubborn bunch." Xehanort countered. "I doubt you could do better even if you were whom you claim to be, Princess."


Emi grinned in an unsettling manner. "Funny you should mention that…" A bright purple shadow began to spew from her body, growing large before forming into a shapeless cloud with bright, red eyes and teeth. "This is my servant Humanity's Shadow. I met him when I was a child in need of guidance. We share a symbiotic relationship, and that extends to feeding, unfortunately for you…dinner time, sweety.


The last thing that Master Xehanort saw was the inside of Shadow's mouth, and a dark abyss that never seemed to end.


The World That Never Was: Altar of Naught: The small group held vigil on the platform, waiting for the missing heroes to show themselves. Selene and Itzal had long since vanished, and Naminé was already subtlety wiping everyone's memory of the two children. For some odd reason she felt the need to apply a stronger spell to Ventus. She did so nervously.


Kingdom Hearts was a handful of minutes away from completion, and the first thing Kairi did was find use Sora's Gummy Ship to contact Yen Sid, who arrived promptly and ordered everyone to do nothing. And everyone complied, too tired to object.


The groups mingled and talked, but their was no denying the separation existed: On one hand, the ragged remains of Organization XIII, and on the other the humans that had ended up there.


Jason's family was trying to access the unusually quiet Larxene, who wasn't responding to the endless questions.


Axel, Roxas, Naminé and Xion were huddled into a corner, catching and making up.


Aqua, Terra, and Ventus were doing the same, determined to make up for lost time.


Zexion and Serenna, not caring how it looked, held hands as they stared at Kingdom Hearts.


Saïx was staring at Kingdom Hearts as well, wanting to weep at what this moment had cost him.


Demyx and Luxord chatted amicably with Kairi and Yen Sid…well, Yen Sid listened.


Xigbar, Xadlin, Vexen, and Lexeaus had gone off to discuss what the Organization's future fate would be.


Suddenly, everyone looked as one as a they became aware of a presence that had just arrived. Kingdom Hearts was now complete, and glowed as a white door appeared in the heart-shaped moon.


No one moved an inch as the door slowly opened, revealing a very battered trio: Jason and Riku carrying a badly injured Sora.


It seemed like the sky itself erupted with excitement, as almost everyone rushed in to grab their beloved. "Everyone, hold on." Yen Sid spread his arms over the group. "Curaza." The wounds of the trio faded, and they were dragged off by the loved ones.


Kairi practically flew into Sora's arms as she planted a deep kiss on his lips. Axel, Roxas, Namine, Ventus, Aqua and Yen Sid all swarmed around the savior of the World.


Riku watched this from a distance, simply glad that his best friend was safe. Terra affectionately punched the boy on the shoulder, knowing what he was thinking. Riku felt a someone bump up against him, and found it was a shy Xion.


Jason reunited with his family, along with his two best friends Zexion and Serenna. The rest of Organization XIII waited to congratulate th redhead on the ballsiest move they had ever seen.


Except for...


Jason noticed Larxene standing alone. She was so spaced out that she hadn't even noticed everyone else had left. "Hey!" the boy called. The blonde Nobody started at the reaction, and for a moment the lovers locked eyes.


Nobody and human alike drew away as the two approached each other. The glow of the complete Kingdom Hearts illuminated the two as they met in the center of the heart. "I guess you're mad at me for playing the hero."


Larxene reached out with an outstretched hand...before thumping her lover on the forehead. "Please. I'd be mad if you'd gone off alone. What happened to that old fart anyway?"


Sora hung his head, ashamed. "We managed to beat Xehanort, but he got away before we could finish him off." Yen Sid closed his eyes in contemplation. "No matter. We can prepare for Xehanort's return at a later time. The more pressing issue is Kingdom Hearts."


Everyone's attention was brought back to to glowing, heart-shaped moon. Xigbar, as the new leader of Organization XIII, approached Yen Sid. "The mission of Organization XIII has always been the completion of Kingdom Hearts, and to become complete beings again. But with so may Keybladers here we should default to their judgement, and yours."


Yen Sid and the Keybladers (Sora, Riku, Kairi, Ventus, Aqua, and Terra) discussed the proposition. The enforcers of Light reached an agreement quickly, and the Keybalders pointed their Keyblades at Kingdom Hearts. "As you have all been manipulated, it is only fair...that your desire be granted." Beams of light fired from the tip of the Keyblades, converging on Kingdom Hearts.


The moon shattered in a spectacular array of Light, as stars began to rain down from the heavens. Except they weren't stars, they were hearts. Hearts rained down upon the World That Never Was, and lesser Nobodies reclaimed their hearts with glee, becoming complete people.


On the Altar of Naught, Organization XIII stared in wonder as their hearts returned to them. One by one, a heart sank into each member, glowing briefly before true feelings returned to them. Roxas, Xion, and Namine were surprised when they received a heart as well, only to hear a brief message: "you have earned the right to be your own people."


The last person to receive a heart was Larxene, and she only held it, unsure if she really wanted it after all this time. Jason took this chance to ask a deeply important question. "I never got the chance to really ask you. Quite stupid if you think about it. But..." The boy gently took the heart before going on one knee, offering it to its owner. "Larxene, will you marry me?"


Into the silence that followed, a pale hand snatched the heart, as Larxene accepted it back into her being. After a brief glow, all her shadow emotions became real...with her love for Jason filling her entire being with warmth. "Of course I will. After all this I'm not going to let you go."


And she kissed him. The lovers sank into bliss, and around them hearts rained down, marking the end of conflict, and the dawn of peace.




A/N: That's the end of this story. But we have a wedding to attend! Not to mention, Emi Hana is still out there...but thanks for reading! I love you all.

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