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This is where you create and list your character(s) for the Forgotten Dreams Rp. Please follow the guidelines below in order to create your character(s).





Description: (list what the character looks like and you can upload a pic if you wish to)




Special Abilities: (any type of magic or power the character specializes in)



With Xehanort's defeat, the World's battle with darkness finally came to a peaceful standstill. The darkness, however, is never gone. There must always be light to fight it. Can the light raise to the occasion, or will the loss of the greatest light to the newest darkness be its demise? Only time will tell, in this epic quest to reclaim what was loved and Forgotten.

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Name: Harro

Age: 17

Gender: Male


Description: Just sneakers instead of ninja shoes and without the kunai holster. Yes, originally the picture as a Naruto oc. Shush.

Personality: Harro is a childish boy. He enjoys adventuring and exploring his world. Harro has a curiosity that often gets the best of him and can easily get him in trouble. He is also reckless, which doesn’t help his case. At all. Despite this always getting him in trouble, he is a good boy with a strong heart that wants to protect those who cannot protect themselves, as well as just keeping his friends and family safe whether they can protect themselves or not because of his strong possessive instincts.

World: Magika

Weapon(s): A sword which channels magical power. So rather than using spells, most of his attacks are used in slashes. Until later, when he gets a keyblade, but his main keyblade has this same power.

Special Abilities: Harro has always had a knack of light magic, which is part of why he was able to fight off the evil monsters of Magika so quickly – his light magic, though he can use the other elements, fire being his second best.

History: Harro grew up a semi-normal life on Magika. In a world overrun by monsters during the night, orphans weren’t entirely uncommon. Both Harro and his sister, Kanami, were orphaned when their parents were killed. They’d been out fighting against monsters, and one night a survivor came after them and killed Harro’s parents. Before they could kill Harro, who was 8 at the time, or Kanami, though, some of their parents’ friends finally arrived and took out the monster. Afterwards Harro decided he’d have to get stronger so he could make sure nobody else had to suffer such a loss as he and his sister did. From there he played the role of the great big brother for Kanami as well as learning to fight so he could keep everyone safe from the threat of the monsters. (*Note – although this history seems like very little, it’s just something very brief because I know from experience if I tried I could make a history part about a page long…..)



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is it too late for me to join in?

Name: Horgruskin Coriandr


Age: 1596 years


Gender: male


Race: half demon


Description: young looking, but his enormous age shows in his visible eye.  his left arm is covered in black scales.  hair black and cropped short, left eye covered by a large eyepatch.  the right eye is bright blue, the left eye is crimson and slightly larger than the right.  the skin around the left eye is paler than the rest of his complection.


Personality: quiet, reserved, untrusting, holding great wisdom from many centuries of life, enclined to kill quickly and cleanly, does not know the meaning of mercy in the face of threats to innocent lives.


World: Vordimont (a backwater of the multi-realm Kelerman empire)


Weapon: Acrimus (a katana made from Adamantium, with the power to cut the soul of his opponent rather than their body.  charmed so it is impossible for it to hurt innocant people)


Special Abilities: his senses are sharper because of his demon blood, he excells in combat with his sword.  while he is all but imune to magic because of his demon blood, he is almost completely unable to use magic either.


History: as an orphan child on Vordimont, he was attacked by a very powerful demon.  in the fight, his left arm was struck off.  through some means unknown even to himself, he was able to consume the demon's soul, and gain immense physical power and longevity.  Acrimus and his new left arm formed soon after.  he has only recently emerged as a champion of the light.


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