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Hello, everyone! This is the place where we can all roleplay and have some fun, and build a little story/adventure. =) I'm Destiny, and this is more of Sasaui's idea and story than mine, I just helped out... She'll start things off, but here's the summary of it:


With Xehanort's defeat, the World's battle with darkness finally came to a peaceful standstill. The darkness, however, is never gone. There must always be light to fight it. Can the light raise to the occasion, or will the loss of the greatest light to the newest darkness be its demise? Only time will tell, in this epic quest to reclaim what was loved and Forgotten.

The Forgotten are the hopes and dreams left behind when one turns into a Heartless. These creatures vary in size, but all hold memories of their past human selves.

Remember to create and post your character over in the Character Creation Center for this! Everyone have fun! =D




Yup, that's me pulling Kuroko away... Sorry Generation of Miracles! >.< (PS-I don't own the image)

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Funny pic. Just here to say that the premise of the RP sounds intresting, and I'll see about creating a character when I have the time-right now I have college finals going on.

Signed, Snow. (^-^)

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